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Guest Info


Louis' number is 00447594503827

Sue's number is 00447821838015

Send us a text or a message on Whatsapp if you need anything!


Below we’ve listed a few hotels to guide you. There’s plenty more than what we’ve got here, including Airbnb options, but this is just to get you started!

Juniper Barn is roughly 20 minutes’ drive from Sligo Town - there isn't any accommodation on site. We’ll be organising buses from Sligo town to Ballymote on the Saturday, and back into town again after we’ve all done our dancing (see Travel and Transport, below).

The Day 2 festivities will be in Rosses Point - not Strandhill, as previously advertised! Like Strandhill, though, Rosses Point is only a 10-15 minute drive along the coast from the town.

When looking for accommodation, we’d recommend trying to find something in Sligo town itself. If you have any questions about specific areas to stay, give us a shout! We’re happy to let you know where and where not to look.


Glass House Hotel                     (Sligo Town, €€)
Clayton Hotel                             (Sligo Town, €€€)
Sligo Southern Hotel                  (Sligo Town, €€)    
Riverside Hotel                            (Sligo Town, €€)
Sligo Park Hotel                           (Sligo Town, €€€)
Strandhill Lodge and Suites      (Strandhill, €€)

Travel and Transport

Getting to and From Juniper Barn

The ceremony starts at 2:30pm on Saturday 26th August at Juniper Barn. Juniper Barn is roughly a 20-min drive (south-east) from Sligo Town, and we’d recommend getting there for about 2pm.

We’ll be putting on a bus leaving Sligo Town (from Connolly’s pub – right by the river in the centre of the town, and opposite the Glasshouse hotel). The bus will be there from 1:20pm but leaving at 1:30pm sharp.

There will then be another bus back to Sligo Town at 2am from Juniper Barn. This bus will be doing a single drop-off back at Connolly’s pub.

If you’re not staying in town, or would like to leave a little earlier, we’d recommend booking a taxi either to or from Juniper Barn, or both. The app Freenow is a good alternative to Uber (which doesn’t operate in Ireland) for booking a cab. Otherwise, here’s a list of taxi numbers: (inc. the Irish dialling code, which is 00353)

DK Cabs 00353 862133910

City Cabs 00353 719150000

Cab 777 00353 719150777

Gallagher Hackney Service 00353 870620630

West Coast Taxis 00353 879149999

Getting to Sligo

If you're coming to Sligo from Britain, the best way is to fly into Knock airport (also called "Ireland West Airport"). Knock is about a 45-min drive from Sligo town. You can rent a car at the airport, get a taxi or catch the bus (see Bus Éireann’s website here). The bus costs around 10 euro. A bit of warning: getting a taxi may end up being expensive, particularly if you’re not in a group. Feel free to let Louis or Sue know if you’re flying into Knock and want to split a cab with others coming to the wedding on the same flight, and we can try and link you up with others.


If you’re flying into Dublin, you can catch a bus from the airport itself or you can go into town and then catch the train. (The train takes about 3 hours and the bus a little more, around 4 hours). Again, feel free to get in touch with us to ask any questions – we’ve done this journey so many times, so happy to help!


After Dublin and Knock, you could fly into Derry or Belfast, but these are pretty far and the transport links to Sligo aren’t great, so we wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you have to.

Day Two

The Day Two - for pints, food and tunes - will be at Harry's Bar in Rosses Point, which is about a 15-min drive from Sligo Town,. We'd recommend booking a cab to/from Rosses Point, but that shouldn't be difficult as it'll be a Sunday evening and cabs will come out from the town to pick people up.

Exploring Sligo

Things to See

Sligo Abbey, Sligo Town

The Model Sligo, Art Gallery

Strandhill Beach

Rosses Point Beach

Coney Island

Knocknarea Mountain Climb

Benbulben Climb or Forest Walk

Easkey Coastal Walk

Voya Seaweed Baths, Strandhill

Kilcullen’s Seaweed Baths, Enniscrone

The Hot Box Sauna, Rosses Point


Places to Eat

Shells Café, Strandhill (breakfast, brunch, lunch)

Baker Boys, Sligo Town (breakfast, brunch, lunch)

Hooked, Sligo Town (lunch, dinner)

Flipside, Sligo Town (burgers)

Pudding Row, Easkey (takeaway coffee and picnic)

Milligram, Sligo Town (coffee)

Stoked, Strandhill (dinner)

Le Fournil, Sligo Town (bakery)

St Honorè, Sligo Town (bakery, breakfast, lunch)


Pints to Drink

Thomas Connolly’s, Sligo Town

The Beach Bar, Aughris Head, Co.Sligo

Foley’s, Sligo Town

Shoot the Crows, Sligo Town

Hargadons, Sligo Town

Bree’s, Strandhill

The Swagman, Sligo Town


Swims to Swim

Poll Gorm, Tidal Pool, Easkey

Rosses Point Beach

Dunmoran Strand

Bishops Pool, Mullaghmore

Dress Code

We want everyone to be comfortable and enjoy themselves as much as possible on the day of the wedding, so wear whatever you feel great in! No need to wear a tie if you'd prefer not to, but if feeling great involves wearing a tie for you, then go for it. 

For the Day 2, no need to dress up particularly fancy - definitely no need to wear a suit! Wear whatever you like.

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